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The website ORIYANARI.COM is closed now

Our website ORIYANARI.COM has been closed with effect from 15 February 2014.

The site was created on 22 November 2006, with an objective of promoting the traditional values and culture of Odisha among Odia women world-wide. 

Over the years the website had been successful in meeting its objectives in an exemplary manner. Maintaining the website for over 7 years, with constant updates and monitoring was not an easy task. Still we felt our efforts amply rewarded when we found that more than 500 visitors visited our site every day. It showed that the members of Odia community valued the site and derived benefits from it.

The most popular among our pages were Odia Calendar and Odia Foods. These sections were immensely popular.

Still we call it a day, after more than 7 years of service to the Odia community. In this, if we have hurt the expectations of many of our regular visitors and members,  our sincere apologies. 

There are many factors which posed constraints, prompting us to close our beloved site. It was created 7 years back by using the Trellix Site Builder tools of Later it was found that did not take care to update its site builder tools. It made our site appear obsolete. The host of our Message Board, was also uncooperative. It affected our Google ranking. These left us disappointed. 

Secondly, we found that though our site was visited regularly by many members of the Odia community from various parts of the world, their sense of attachment to the site remained limited and discouraging.

ORIYANARI,COM was not a commercial website, It was a social crusade. It was dedicated at the lotus feet of Lord Jagannath. The Lord had sustained it over all these years. It is perhaps now His wish that we should stop publishing.  

So goodbye every one. We would serve the Odia society, language and culture in some other manner, some other day, if the Lord wishes. 

You may still contact us on our email id 


Oriya Nari Team
Lucknow, India